The building facade has not only the task of thermal insulation, noise insulation and protection from external influences, but also reflects the representative character of the building and thus of the lacated company.

Renewal of a building envelope with the help of profiled sheets creates flexibility in design. Profiled sheets offer a range of design options. They are available in a variety of colors, surface textures and geometries, allowing not only a wide range of architectural design options, but also the blending of the building with the overall corporate design and identity of the company.

But it is not only the appearance of the profiled sheets that scores points. The durability, low maintenance requirements and potential savings in terms of installation time and costs should also be emphasized. Special attention is paid to the renovation of uninsulated buildings. Replacing the facade with sandwich panels can reduce heat loss in the building and significantly upgrade it in terms of energy efficiency. In winter, the panels reduce the building’s heat loss, while in summer they keep the heat out and provide an overall pleasant indoor climate.

O-METALL profiled sheets and sandwich panels also help your façade to shine and set your building apart from your competitors not only aesthetically but also functionally. Let our sales team advise you. We also have the right solution for your building project.

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