We would like to show you a hall construction that was realised with sandwich panels wall VB in beautiful microlining on a wooden substructure. A perfect choice for a good energy balance, an aesthetic appearance and a quick and cost-effective assembly.

What distinguishes O-METALL sandwich panels Wall VB? First of all, it should be mentioned that these are building elements consisting of three components: An outer shell made of metal, an insulating core made of high-efficiency polyurethane foam and an inner shell made of metal. Due to the insulated core, sandwich panels provide excellent thermal and sound insulation and thus help to reduce energy costs. The sandwich construction enables high stability with low dead weight. This not only has advantages during installation, but also brings potential savings for the supporting structure when roofing with sandwich roof elements. Our sandwich panels wall are used, for example, as wall, ceiling, door and gate elements. Due to the above-mentioned advantages and possible applications, our O-METALL sandwich panels are not only used very often in industrial and agricultural hall construction, but are also becoming increasingly popular in the private construction sector. For example, for the construction of garages or garden sheds.

O-METALL sandwich panels Wall VB are available in different core bars, material thicknesses, coatings and geometries. Due to the use of concealed fastening, the panels appear very aesthetic and quiet when assembled, as the fasteners are not visible and do not stand out. As a lower-priced variant, you can also obtain our panels with a visible fastening. All our sandwich elements are not only suitable for wooden substructures, but also for mounting on steel and concrete. Would you like to learn more about our sandwich panels or do you need assistance in choosing a product? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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