In addition to the extensive product variety in the area of trapezoidal sheets and sandwich elements, O-METALL offers you a large selection of coating systems. These serve to protect the O-METALL profiled sheets and sandwich panels against corrosion and ensure their longevity. In addition, they enable a versatile colour design as well as the surface finishing of facades with almost unlimited architectural design concepts.

The majority of our products are made of fully galvanised sheet steel primed with an anti-corrosion lacquer, which is then given a colour coating. The type and layer thickness of the colour coating depends on the requirements of the end product. For example, there are special coatings for different requirements and factors such as the environment (e.g. buildings near the coast or offshore), use of the building (e.g. agricultural buildings) as well as appearance and design. At the same time, we also offer a standard coating with an excellent price/performance ratio. This standard coating is an extremely durable and yet cost-effective polyester colour coating in all common RAL colours. Other coatings are based on polyurethane or polyvinyl resin, for example, with layer thicknesses of up to 200µm.

In addition, many of our products are also available in aluminium, copper or plastic. Of course, most of our profiled sheets can be supplied with an anti-condensation coating (anti-condensation fleece) on the inside.
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