Fiber cement panels were a frequently chosen roof covering until the 1990s. Today, it is known that the asbestos fibers contained in the old fiber cement sheets are harmful to health, which is why the material may no longer be used. However, as long as the panels are intact, there is no health risk. This only arises when the material becomes porous or even breaks and the fibers can be released. It is advisable to think about reroofing at an early stage.

Rely on profiled sheets and sandwich panels from O-METALL! Older buildings in particular can benefit from this type of roof covering, as the load-bearing capacity of the roof truss often reaches its limits with traditional clay or concrete tiles. Due to the low weight of the profiled sheets and sandwich panels, the old roof truss can often be retained. In addition, an older building can be reinforced with a metal roof that is properly bolted together. In most cases, the installation of an additional photovoltaic system does not represent an overload and is possible without any problems. Our products not only impress with their low weight and low price, but also with their durability and quick installation. Our sandwich panels score points with their 3-in-1 system and are worth considering to equip your roof with a hard-wearing outer shell, highly efficient insulation and a light-colored inner ceiling if required.

Visit our stock items and special items page. Here you will find everything you need for your roof renovation. Trapezoidal sheets and corrugated profiles in numerous geometries, metal roof tiles and standing seam systems with or without integrated insulation as highly efficient sandwich panels and, of course, the necessary installation accessories. O-METALL has the right solution for every roof and every requirement.

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