1 May, also known as May Day or Labour Day, is an international public holiday that was originally dedicated to the labour movement. The day has its origins in the fight for better working conditions and the recognition of workers’ rights. Today, May Day is celebrated in many countries around the world with demonstrations, rallies and festivals to honour the achievements of the labour movement and to demonstrate solidarity among workers. May Day is a symbol of commitment to social justice and workers’ rights.

Due to the public holiday, our employees in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria will not be available for you again until Thursday, 2 May during the usual opening hours and will be happy to advise you on our large selection of stock items and customised offers for made-to-measure productions.

In addition to profiled sheets, sandwich panels and flashings, O-METALL also supplies high-quality tools and accessories to help you carry out your work with maximum efficiency. Visit our product page at the following link: www.o-metall.com/en/products. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us and we will help you source all the tools, machines and accessories you need.

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