O-METALL Group, April 12th 2021

Dear customers,

As you know, many of our competitors and other companies active in the building industry are increasingly experiencing massive supply difficulties.Thanks to our strategic purchasing management for input materials and the huge stock of finished goods, both trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels for roofs and walls, we and you as our customers have so far been spared.

However, we see an increased risk that, due to the continuing price explosion (also for the second half of 2021!) and a possible further shortage of raw materials and primary materials (this concerns both steel products and isocyanates and polyols for the production of sandwich elements), there may be delivery problems in individual production segments and extended delivery times in the future. For upcoming projects, we therefore recommend that you bring forward orders to the earliest possible date and allow for possible longer delivery times in your schedule.

Of course, we continue to keep our large stock of immediately available stock items and special items including accessories ready for your short-term needs, which you can either pick up yourself at one of our warehouse locations or have delivered at favourable conditions.

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Tel.: +352 997 323 20