O-Metal logistics - We ship worldwide!
O-Metal logistics - We ship worldwide!

O-Metal logistics - We ship worldwide!

Whether O-METALL deliveries are scheduled to take place on the road, by rail, on the water or in the air, it is not a problem for our in-house logistics department!



Experienced and trained personnel, familiar in dealing with the material with modern telescopic vehicles, permits flexible, punctual deliveries worldwide and with almost all desired panel lengths. In different countries, O-METALL vehicles have permanent permission for transport of excess lengths of up to 22 metres. Additional licences can be procured for projects on request.

Through cooperation with global agents, overseas deliveries can be implemented from all major airports or ports.

For you, no distance is too far for us, no matter what route we must take. Whether for partial or complete loads, coil or volume transport: the O-METALL fleet is available at any time for the delivery of your goods purchased from us. We have both national and international transport coverage with our vehicles.

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Our low-emission and silenced trucks, equipped with the latest communications technology, comply with the current EU technical requirements.

For very short-notice orders and emergencies, we offer a new service: our express delivery service with "2 driver crews". Our sales staff would be pleased to provide information on the matter at any time without obligation.

Punctuality of all deliveries in March 2016: 98.8%




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