O-METALL Trapezoidal sheets
O-METALL Trapezoidal sheets

Trapezoidal sheet, corrugated sheets, roof tile profiles, sandwich panels & accessories

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With 30 years of experience, O-METALL maintains businesses in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and in many other European countries.

Profiled sheets made of hot-dip galvanised steel, with aluminium-zinc coating, aluminium, copper or stainless steel are ideally suited to withstand the weather and other aggressive influences. Optionally, these products can be produced and delivered with any colour coating. The colour coating of the panels and accessories takes place in the coil-coating method and is permanently weather-resistant.


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Our products are mainly used in roofs and walls. Fields of application are industrial hall construction, the construction of agricultural machinery halls, warehouses, barns and other farm buildings, public buildings and facilities, residential and commercial buildings as well as countless other applications.


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O-METALL liefert europaweit

IFBS - Industrieverband für Bausysteme im Metallleichtbau
O-METAL is a member of the industry association for construction systems in metal lightweight (IFBS). The IFBS united under one roof many companies from the entire range of metal lightweight construction. The manufacturer of trapezoidal sheet, cassette profiles, corrugated profiles and sandwich elements work hand in hand with sales and installation companies to develop standards and guidelines.


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