O-METALL NEWS on the current Covid-19 situation


Dear customers,

The rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 infections has turned the everyday lives of people around the world upside down. We are still in a transition phase to a new, unknown normal state, due to which we are confronted with special situations and challenges, both socially and economically.

Of course, the pandemic has also had a major impact on the steel industry and has changed the entire industry. In addition to numerous breakdowns, stricter safety and hygiene standards were introduced in the production facilities, which due to costly adaptations led to unavoidable delays in the entire production process and supply chain. Despite these facts, we will continuously keep striving to reduce to a maximum inconvenience caused by delays.

Since the beginning of the pandemic at O-METALL we have been following the situation closely and we have continuously adapted our behaviour. In order to be able to counteract supply bottlenecks, we have significantly increased our stock in many areas. Nevertheless, the duration and further course of the pandemic and its consequences cannot be predicted or only partially planned for.

Therefore, please check your requirements for project-related production in good time and place your order in a timely manner.

On our web pages you not only have the advantage of always being able to see the current stock of immediately available goods (www.o-metall.com/en/stock.htm) but also possibly to find your needed goods directly in our heavily reduced special items (www.trapezblech-preis.de) and this way to avoid long waiting times.

The health of all is very close to our heart. For this reason, we decided at the very beginning of the Corona pandemic to offer you a contactless takeover of the ordered goods in the form of our reduced-price, contactless delivery by our drivers. Of course, we will continue to advise you personally in compliance with the hygiene regulations.

We are looking forward to receive your orders and suggestions. Do you still have questions? - Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


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