Skylights panels and multi-wall sheets
Skylights panels and multi-wall sheets

Rooflights single skin or double skin, multi-skin sheets

Find our selection of single and double-shell rooflights. They are available for different trapezoidal sheet geometries, but also for corrugated profiles.

Double-layer ISO-CLEAR is characterised by a thermal insulation by means of an air chamber system. They are produced from polycarbonate, PVC or fibreglass. Various single-shell rooflights are available in stock.

Our multi-skin sheet system is always available with its accessories from our Dahme warehouse.

Rooflights overview

O-METALL Single leaf rooflights

Single leaf rooflights

Rooflights made of polycarbonate or PVC are distinguished by their high impact resistance and weather resistance. Specifically with polycarbonate, a special double-sided laminated UV protection is integrated.



ISO-KLAR are double-shell rooflights that insulate using an air chamber system. Matching the various O-METALL sandwich panels from 30 to 120 mm core strength.

O-METALL Multi-skin plate systems

Multi-skin plate systems

Our multi-skin plate system includes shaped coupling parts. Stocked in various lengths, easy and quick installation.