Corrugated sheets and metal roof tiles
Corrugated sheets and metal roof tiles

Corrugated sheets and corrugated profiles in different versions

On the following product pages, you will find our selection of corrugated sheet and corrugated profiles. Our corrugated profiles can be produced in different materials, for example steel or aluminium. From specialty products such as our mini-corrugations to the inexpensive standard corrugated steel 18.76 to the design corrugated profile with high corrugation geometry, you can find everything you need with us.

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Acoustic perforations
O-METALL Mini corrugation

Mini corrugation

Our exclusive, punched corrugated profile has a very fine corrugation geometry. Length and width can be selected flexibly.  

Low cost Fast delivery With antikondensation fleece Matching translucent sheet available
O-METALL 18.76


The classic among corrugated sheets. Our all-rounder with the profile geometry of 18.76. This attractive sine wave has short delivery times and is very reasonably priced.

O-METALL 27.111


The corrugated sheet with profile geometry 27.111 is suitable for wall cladding of smaller buildings and is available in steel and aluminium.

O-METALL corrugated profile 42.160


Corrugated profile, which has been adapted from the classic corrugated asbestos.

O-METALL corrugated profile  55.177


Our design corrugated profile 55.177 is ideal for wall cladding where emphasis is placed on sophisticated design. This sine wave exudes sophistication, especially in larger buildings.