Cassette profiles and ceilings profiles
Cassette profiles and ceilings profiles

Cassette profiles for double-shell wall constructions

These profiles are used for a two-shell, insulated wall structure. Available in various dimensions, production is always to measure.

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O-METALL cassette profile 90.500/1


Cassette profile 90.500 / 1 of high tempered steel and galvanised on both sides, in addition to roof panels in different material thicknesses and of the highest quality

O-METALL cassette profile 100.600/1


Cassette profile type 100.600 / 1 of the highest quality and manufacturing - available in stock in different material thicknesses

O-METALL cassette profile 120.600 / 1


Cassette profile 120.600 / 1 for the highest quality standards - usable coverage width per plate: 0.600 metres to 20 metres maximum length

O-METALL 130.600 / 1


Cassette profile 130.600 / 1 galvanised high tempered steel for the highest demands

O-METALL cassette profile 150.600 / 1


Cassette profile 150.600 / 1 galvanised polyester colour paint 15 μ / RSL available up to 20 metres in length