Accessories (screws, calottes, etc.)
Accessories (screws, calottes, etc.)

Accessories for our trapezoidal sheets, sandwich elements and roofllights

In this category you will find an excerpt from our wide range of accessories for our products. Whether special screws for sandwich panels, wood screws for trapezoidal sheet metal, spacers for rooflights, hurricane calottes or wind and water-repellent profile fillers. Here you will find everything you need for accessories.

Here is an excerpt from our range of accessories: screws, rivets, calottes, profile fillers, sealing tapes, repair paint, snow stops, nibbler attachments, nibblers, pipe penetrations, spacers, etc.


With all products you receive the appropriate metal roofing screws or sealing screws. Just ask for them to be made to measure or from our stock. You will find screws as custom items on our special items page. Of course, you can get rivets to fasten flashings or accessories.


For most O-Metall trapezoidal sheets, we have matching calottes in many different colours.


O-Metall spacers for mounting single-shell rooflights with sealing screws and hurricane calottes.

Magnet socket adapters

Of course, you get the relevant bits for our roofing screws.

PVC caps

Our sealing screws are complimented by PVC caps that we have available in colours matching the sheet.

Repair paint

During mounting, did you slip and make a scratch in the sheet? No problem! We provide repair paint in almost all deliverable RAL colours for trapezoidal sheets.

Clear coat

With a trapezoidal sheet with an anti-condensation geoemembrane,  the geomembrane must be configured on the eaves or on overlaps. We have a special clear coat in the product range for this purpose.

Profile fillers

For most of our trapezoidal profiles, we have the matching profile fillers directly in stock, both for the ridge and for the trough.

Iso fix tape

Iso fix tape, e.g. for insertion into the overlapping corrugation on the inner ridge or other flashings.

Butyl tape

Butyl tape for sealing transverse joints or relevant flashings.

Compri tape

Compri tape for thermal sealing and sealing against water.

Nibbler attachment

Nibbler attachment for drills. For the correct cutting of trapezoidal sheets.

Pipe collar

Pipe collar for pipe penetrations on the roof in a single and two-piece design. Available for many different pipe diameters.


Skylights for mounting with our Econo-line metal roofing tile.


 Information about other accessories such as nibblers, roof ventilation, end caps for round ridge, snow guard and much more is available on request.



Ihr O-Metall Team