Ultramodern roll-forming equipment in various Western European production sites


Produktionsanlage f�r Trapezbleche

Ultramodern roll-forming equipment enables the rapid processing of different profiles (trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich elements) in various western European production sites for contract execution at short notice any time and therefore provides you with a convenient path towards your building project. Through several production sites in different countries, the wide range of services of the O-METALL Group is implemented with customer-oriented sales offices and distribution networks into a daily practice.

However, the entire process chain must be viewed from the actual customer needs through production to delivery.


Rollformanlage f�r Trapezbleche und Wellbleche

 Working in close partnership-type cooperation, O-METALL works with suppliers and customers on the necessary goal-oriented solutions for product and process optimisation.

The use of modern roll-forming equipment and the targeted investments in new production facilities, located at cost-effective and easily accessible locations, are the prerequisites for this successful work.

The applications of various profiles for simple or sophisticated applications are very diverse and are always customised to current customer requirements.





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